Lealana 0.1

Selling my rare Bitcoin Lealana physical coin from 2013 in the 0.1 BTC version. This coin is not only a collector's item, but also represents a historic milestone in the world of cryptocurrencies. Lealana was an innovative company that specialized in the production of physical bitcoins. The company was founded in 2013 by Noah Luis, an early supporter of cryptocurrencies. The idea behind Lealana was to create physical coins that represented the value of bitcoins and offered collectors as well as enthusiasts the opportunity to own these unique pieces. Lealana quickly gained notoriety in the cryptocurrency community and gained popularity among both collectors and crypto enthusiasts. The coins were often considered collectibles and were considered rare and valuable artifacts in the history of cryptocurrencies. Since then, the coins produced by Lealana have become sought-after collector's items. Not only do they represent part of the history of cryptocurrencies, but they also represent the innovation and creativity that have shaped the industry. The prices of these coins can vary greatly depending on their rarity, design, and condition, and they remain an interesting topic for collectors and crypto enthusiasts. #1171

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