"Always Under Construction"

Add Google login
Add a new default image for faucets for facebook shares
Add new admin type reviewer for approval process
Add approval rewards 0.25 Satoshi(default and changeable) per approval by reviewer add the payment to transactions Add Polls
Enable favorite coins on the top
update updates page to dynamic
Add Timer to faucets to reclaim
Add Claim to faucet posts
Update Featured articles to include faucet and claim
Add Create Faucet to Posts
Add Post Marketplace Item (In Progress)
Add Post Job (In Progress)
Add Follow / Unfollow User (In Progress)
Chatroom (In Progress)
Add Quests to Journal (In Progress)
Track and credit Quests (In Progress)
Add Bitcoin Magazine Rss Feed (In Progress)
Add pagenation to related articles (In Progress)
Add Nicehash payout crediting info (In Progress)
Parse blockchain data into database for Block Explorer (In Progress)
Add search function (In Progress)
Setup BTCZ Mining Pool (In Progress)
Add Opensea.io NFT's info (In Progress)
Fix Bitcoin Loading More on mobile positioning (In Progress)

Add Claim Faucet (Complete)

Add Hide / Remove Post (Complete)
Add autoaprove for admin posts (Complete)
Remove Page id from articles under most liked (Complete)

Admin Deny post (Complete)

Fix Video Share images for facebook (Complete)


Created Update Page Layout (Complete)