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HODL, or “Hold On for Dear Life,” is now a widely known concept in the crypto community that refers to the strategy of not selling your digital assets, even amid extreme price changes in the market. And given Bitcoin's latest bout of volatility, HODL remains relevant a decade later in 2023.

The #HODL represents what Allaboutbit is hodling with and for the community. Users can deposit and or buy uchartnder the account page (not really! BETA) from the account page

#Diamonds Hands

The term diamond hands is commonly expressed in emoji as 💎🙌 (a combination of the Gem Stone emoji 💎 and the Raising Hands emoji 🙌)

When you have “diamond hands” it means that you hold onto an investment no matter what. You don't sell it regardless of volatility, losses or gains. Someone with diamond hands resists panicking when prices dip, but he or she also doesn't get greedy when prices rise. The person is in it for the long haul.