DEADFELLAZ - Lil Bubble (Songs of the Dead: Deadfellaz Song Contest)

I love my Deadfellaz NFTs, so when I saw the horde were running a song contest I had to jump onboard.

Lil Bubble - Dump (Lyric Video)

Super stoked to have sold out my first music NFT drop on Soundxyz today!

Teejay - Bitcoin (Official Music Video)

UPTOP CAMP for life and for the rest of time being on this earth, i wish nothing but health and wealth to you all, thanks for being apart of this journey and the continuous support, it means a lot to me and I appreciate it, we only elevating to bigger an better. Today is my birthday so I decided to talk about money, power and success Bitcoin is from the RAGS TO RICHES ALBUM something different, it is about investing in real estate, land and cars, fast life, I mean a new beginning to Legacy.