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Embrace the spirit of giving in the digital age with Allaboutbit, where Bitcoin faucets become a force for positive change. Our innovative Pay It Forward feature empowers users to create faucets, customize their giving preferences, and contribute to a collective pool for community-driven projects.

Replace-by-fee (RBF), explained

Replace-by-fee (RBF) is a feature in Bitcoin that allows users to replace an unconfirmed transaction with a higher fee to expedite confirmation.

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet? (3 Types + Key Examples)

You might be wondering what a cryptocurrency wallet is, and how to properly use on. In this video, we will be explaining exactly how a cryptocurrency wallet works, along with the 3 main types of them: software, hardware, and paper.

Cryptocurrency Wallets - Public and Private Keys (Asymmetric Encryption Animated)

In this video, we explain how pubic and private keys work in cryptocurrency wallets. In short, these wallets use asymmetric encryption to allow users to stamp transactions with their private key.

What is an AirDrop? How to find FREE Crypto & Why it's Given

What is an Airdrop in Crypto? An Airdrop is whenever a platform sends a large majority of people a token they have created, usually as a form of advertising or to reward early adopters.

What is Metamask?

Wanting to learn more about what the software Metmask is for? In this video, we cover what metamask is, how safe it is, and the main purpose for using it.

What is Crypto Arbitrage? Is Trading Profitable with Bots?

Crypto Arbitrage is the process of making a profit by buying cryptocurrencies from one place and immediately selling it to another place for a higher price. At the moment, there are many bots out there scouring a ton of exchanges looking for opportunities, and in this video you'll find out if it's still profitable trying.

Bitcoin Halving Explained (Animated) - Why, How, and What it Means for You!

Are you looking up what Bitcoin Halving means? Bitcoin Halving is an event that cuts the rewards for mining bitcoin in half roughly every 4 years to help with the cryptocurrency inflation.

What is an NFT?

What is an NFT? A Non-Fungible Token, also known as a NFT, is a type of digital token or asset.

What is Proof of Work?

What is Proof of Work in cryptocurrencies? Proof of Work can be really confusing, but it's just a way for a bunch of people to compete in a blockchain.

What is a Mining Pool in Crypto?

What is a Mining Pool? A mining pool is a way that cryptocurrency miners can win rewards faster by grouping together to split up the block’s rewards.