GłäD xo

"Infiniti" - By GłäD xo If you were god would you still throw me away?,Would You still love me wholeheartedly if I did the same?what if I told you, Jesus Is Lucifer and he was Satan,and I'm just here to let you know that I know,what if I told you,all the drops from the rain,was our souls and spirit,living crying and dying,trying to get us to this moment,would you still throw me away? I believe you saved me ,some might say it was from myself,ill never believe that cause,I wear your crystal around my neck,reminding me that you where always there by my side,even when i wasnt quite myself and you held me there, but i must regress cause of how i got here you see,at first i didn't think i would see the good god i thought i knew,i now know how to just be,i wanna be someone you can believe in,i wanna be someone you can trust,i wanna be someone you can love,cause i am gonna live and die and i would rather live and die with you by my side,for the rest of my life i know it sounds so selfish but as aboveso belowas withinas withoutill always be yours and you will always be mine,but dont get me wrong i dont want you to stay,cause im really scared your gonna die,and nothing scares me more than loosing another day without you


Alone With God,Aint what I thought it would be,Everyone always wants to see the best or worste,from deep down inside of me,I put on this face trying to act strong,but deep down im starting to think maybe im what is wrong,dont feel like there is much that i can do,staring through the abiss trying to get to you, When I Prayed to god ,I didnt know what he was gonna preach,I found you in the mirror staring back at me,I found out everything was wrong,Words where inside out, Casting Fears and indoubt,within and without, When We Originally Began You Threw Me AwayMade Me Bleed,You Gave Not Even Two Shits About Me,You Told Me To Be Good,Told Me To Obey,Destroyed My Dreams Of Yesterday,You And ILets be Honest,We Where Not That Smart,Trying So Hard,Deep Within Our Broken Hearts,You Tried to Walk Away,You Wanted no Part to Play, We Both Just Wanted to Go Back To The Days Yesterday,Before All This Shit got Wierd,When we where happy to stay,Not always fighting off These Tears, Little Did The World KnowThese words read and spelled so foul,They Manifested My Dreams for you to spell, As AboveYour Will was gone,Your Son was dead,God Stepped In,So Below I went,Starting the great three day decent,When I dreamed,I walked and talked among the dead,weighing there thoughts for judgement,Sea below the sea firey red,but farther down blue green instead,crystal clear the water is here,Filling My Cup Clearly wasnt enough, I Emptied THE WHOLE FUCKING POOLleft only three drops,one drop, two drop , three drops,but that drop i had complete faith in fate was truley just enough, xox

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