Update the system: The Film Industry

We’re traveling around the world to see how crypto solves real problems and creates more economic freedom. For many years, film funding has become reliant on powerful execs and streaming algorithms, but a few producers and passionate filmmakers are using the blockchain to break the status quo of film financing and production.

It’s Time to Update the System

The financial system is overdue for an overhaul. What if international wire transfers took minutes, not days?What if nobody had to write a check ever again?What if we stopped paying fees to use our own money?

FULL EPISODE: The Bitcoin Kid VeraCity

Here's the story behind one of the largest cryptocurrency thefts in history and how a 17-year-old from Hamilton stole $45M from a billionaire in California. When it come to cybercrimes, many times it’s a young person’s game, according to investigators and many are lured in via the video gaming world.

McAfee murder or suicide? His lawyer says it’s another Jeffrey Epstein

PART 1 of 2: John McAfee, the founder of the ubiquitous anti-virus software of the same name, was found dead in a Spanish prison cell late last month; supposedly a suicide. But his wife and others don’t believe that.