Crypto Biz: Gucci ‘apes’ into crypto

Fri 5th, Aug 2022, 07:00 pm

The iconic luxury brand is now letting holders of ApeCoin purchase its products through Bitpay. Meanwhile, Michael Saylor has a new job.


What the Merge Means for Ethereum Miners

Fri 5th, Aug 2022, 06:28 pm


North Korea's Lazarus Hackers Blamed in deBridge Finance Cyberattack

Fri 5th, Aug 2022, 06:27 pm

Company co-founder Alex Smirnov warns all Web3 teams that the phishing campaign is likely widespread.


Data Provider DeFiLlama De-emphasizes Double-Counted Crypto Deposits After Saber Revelation

Fri 5th, Aug 2022, 06:15 pm

The website “toggled off” double-counting after CoinDesk uncovered one Solana developer’s effort to dupe the all-important metric for popularity in DeFi.


The Price for Crypto’s Recovery: A New Narrative

Fri 5th, Aug 2022, 06:00 pm

Crypto recovery, and price gains, depend on use cases this time around.